July 30, 2020

Meet Joshua Spodek, PhD MBA & Executive Coach

Credit: Joshua Spodek
Hi Josh! It's been a while since we've crossed paths on Sasha Talks. Please introduce yourself to the audience.
(Below is a snapshot of Josh's biography)

Joshua Spodek PhD MBA is a three-time TEDx speaker, #1 bestselling author of Initiative and Leadership Step by Step, host of the award-winning Leadership and the Environment podcast, and professor at NYU.

He ran six marathons (3:51 best), rowed one, competed at the world and national level of Ultimate (#5 at nationals, and #11 at worlds), including the first ultimate tournament in North Korea. He swam across the Hudson River twice, did over 150,000 burpees, wrote over 3,500 blog posts, took over 500 cold showers, and jumped out of two airplanes.

He hasn’t flown (by choice) since March 2016, has picked up at least one piece of trash per day since April 2017, and takes over a year to produce a load of garbage.

"My main passion has become applying leadership to sustainability and stewardship. I don't see any leaders in the area. I distinguish leadership from spreading facts, figures, doom, or gloom, or telling people what to do what you don't do or enjoy. Even Greta calls for panic. Until someone becomes a better Mandela of sustainability, I'll keep doing my best."

​You've authored at least four books. "Initiative: A Proven Method to Bring Your Passion to Life" (2019) references the myriad resources available for individuals to actualize their personal and professional passions. If there's greater access and quality of resources available today, then why are audiences less engaged to invest in their initiative for a better life? 
Our culture, especially our educational system, teaches compliance -- the opposite of initiative -- and tells you what to value -- undermining our ability to learn our personal values. If we've only learned music history and theory, no surprise that we don't know how to play the piano. Lectures don't put your fingers on the keyboard.

You've had the privilege of living abroad and experiencing life from different perspectives. Are there any unexpected parallels that exist between living in Paris, France and living in Ahmedabad, India?
I look for commonalities between people and cultures. People seem to look for differences. That's their prerogative, but I find finding similarities increases my empathy, compassion, and taking responsibility for how my behavior affects them, which motivates me to steward our common resources more. We all breathe, drink, and eat yet we are polluting our air, water, and land faster and more thoroughly than ever.

As a published artist, you've also taught art classes at Parsons and NYU. How would you describe the idea of art to someone who lacks the gift of sight and sound?
I find similar aesthetic beauty in mathematics and science. I've also heard that brain scans show that work that mathematicians and scientists call beautiful activate the parts of their brains that art activates in artists. So I would teach them math and science if they didn't already know it, through Braille I suppose, and give them those aesthetic feelings that way. Alternatively, literature, poetry, dance, or other fields could work without sight or sound, but I speak math and science more fluently.

Blogging can be a therapeutic ritual for some writers while stressful for others. How did you develop a routine to blog daily on JoshuaSpodek.com?
My friend who set up my site told me he posted daily with the words, "if you miss one day you can miss two. If you miss two it's all over," which started me posting daily. That was January 2011 and I haven't missed a day since. Contrary to my expectation that I would run out of ideas, experience taught me skills to write more. I developed my routine through practice.

I recorded a webinar on developing habits compiling a decade of practice, research, and theory. Since habits create greatness, I recommend it as one of my greatest works.

Josh, you host at least six patents to date. Is there any specific patent that you are most proud of and why?
Those were clever technologies, but they came before the shift in my life from doing cool things for myself to serving others and community.

The audiences have witnessed your passion for podcasting, writing, speaking, teaching, drawing, innovating and so much more. Is there any uncharted aspect of art you're wanting to pursue? Do you have any singing or acting aspirations?
I took an intensive acting course one summer that transformed my understanding of self-expression and self-awareness. I would recommend the experience to anyone. You can read how it affected how I teach leadership in the introduction to my book Leadership Step by Step. You can see some of my results in the videos of myself doing open-mic stand-up comedy I posted to my blog. If you search you'll find them.

I've also recently opened up about the years I devoted to learning attraction, dating, and seduction, eventually becoming the top coach in New York for the coach I studied most from. I spoke about that experience in my Behind the Mic series on my podcast, a cathartic experience.

Your portfolio of work provides sensory nourishment for one's mind, body and emotional health. How have your successes and lessons learned in your life contributed to your spiritual growth?
That's like asking how food and water contributed to my physical growth. I hope I don't sound too vague to say that everything infuses everything. I'll add that passively waiting and hoping for experiences to find me, as I did for my life's first two or three decades, didn't contribute nearly as much. I'll also add that I gained as much though physical fitness based on a healthy diet, vigorous exercise, and the right amount of sleep for me per night.

What is the worse entrepreneurial advice you've received? How soon did you recognize the advice didn't align with your vision?
When I was maybe five or ten years old, a great aunt asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. I answered, "an inventor." She asked, "what will you invent?" I couldn't think of anything, which frustrated me. However natural her questions sounded to her, they crushed me. How can a child, in the moment, think of a meaningful invention?
After inventing things, I realized I could have started inventing long before had her questions not made me feel inadequate. I believe I have never asked a child what they wanted to be when they grew up, which I see as the adult mindlessly entertaining him or herself.

What do you believe are the top two ingredients in cultivating healthy relationships in life, business and love?
People think my book on leadership is about getting promoted and my book on initiative is on starting companies, but really they are my answer to your question. If I could put the answer in words, I would, but like any art, I think it comes through experience. The exercises in those books give the ingredients to cultivate healthy relationships in life, business and love. I value all my relationships today more than any from before I learned what they teach through experience.

Please share how people can contact and support your work.

Joshua Spodek Show: Visit Here
Favorite Blog Posts: Visit Here
Contact: Click Here

July 28, 2020

Meet Lady Kathryn, Life Coach & Spiritual Counselor

Credit: Lady Kathryn
Hello Lady Kathryn! Please introduce yourself and share your occupation.
I am a Psychic Healer, Life Coach, Akashic Records Reader.

You're recognized as a world renowned life coach and spiritual counselor. How did you come to learn of your higher calling?
In a nutshell, living life, being born different in being able to see the other side. Life experience has been my greatest teacher.

What is the most rewarding part of your occupation? 
The most rewarding part is seeing the transformation of clients, who are able to put in the work to bring transformation to their lives and learn the lesson of Self Love. The most challenging is teaching others to not give his or her power away and to take control of their own lives, along with teaching them to love themselves. 

What is the most misunderstood thing about yourself? And of your occupation?

The most misunderstood thing about me is “My self love” is not selfish. I find that many assume that because of who I am, I am not allowed to have boundaries, times of sleep, times of rest or even alone time. In terms of occupation, all predictions are based on a client’s decision. I am not responsible for the free will of my clients. A lot of clients when they first start working with me, cannot see that every single decision made in his or her life creates his or her own future. 

You also happen to be an author of articles and books. What inspired you to write about twin flames? 

I am an old soul. Before learning to read the Akashic Records, I had 3 karmic soulmates and with each one, I truly believed they were twin flames. It was not until I learned to read the records, did I understand that in a psychic reading, we cannot see twin flame cords. We see soulmate cords and all karmics feel identical to the Twin. Upon reading the records, I was able to see and hear twins from the high beings and understand the vast differences. There is so much misinformation on the net and many false twins out there. I would not suggest asking a psychic if this is a twin. Go straight to the Akashic Records for that answer. I now work with karmic soulmates and twin flames. The classes that I teach along with the work in the records are literally transformative to my clients and to myself. 

When you're in need of life guidance, what steps do you take to seek direction? 

Today, as my spiritual tools, I will ask God for help, seek answers in the Akashic Records, take all advice from the high beings, spirits & angels that are there to provide ALL answers and insight. I live the Akashic Records truth. 

Not seeking the answers in the Akashic Records, is like walking through a dark room at night without turning on the light and then fussing at the furniture because I walked into it. 

How has working as a counselor serving strangers made you a better partner to your beloved? A better parent to your children? 

I have worked in several “areas as a therapist” and have seen and heard so many lost souls tell their stories and literally change their lives. I am not sure how working as a therapist made me a better partner/parent but I do know this, it has made me grateful. 

Working with others, opened my eyes to “my yet’s” this has not happened to me yet. I understand that each of us is capable of facing so many issues based on today’s decisions and with that said “I try daily to choose to do the next right thing”. In choosing patience and tolerance over impatience or anger, I find that my children and my beloved respond to positive actions in a loving way. 

What is the best and worst advice you've received on running a successful business practice?

The best advice is to set boundaries, get 8 hours of sleep, eat 3 meals a day so that I can be there and be present for 8 hours a day for clients. The worst? The absolute worst was to give all of me to my business and leave no time for self, family, fun. 

As an honest and compassionate counselor, how would you define tough love? Who's exercised tough love with you?

Tough love is speaking your truth in love and compassion, without any judgments of self or others. There was a time in my life where I was attracting people who were not nice and this was because I had a low opinion of me. I was actually inviting others to dismiss me. Today, I attract people who are full of self love and that means tough love. They speak truth to me with compassion and love. 

You've provided services at top venues including Disney World in the United States. Are there any global landmarks from where you'd love to do a live show?

It has been a few years since I worked at Disney. I presently teach psychic development and Akashic Records, on zoom with great success. I would absolutely love to have face to face clients again or even teach a seminar live. In terms of where? I am open to Spirit and what Spirit has to say about it. 

Please share how interested members can contact you and support your work. 

Website : https://loveandlightwins.com
I can be contacted at ladykathryn@(domain).

July 27, 2020

Meet Judge Frank, Judge 3rd Circuit Court

Credit: Frank Szymanski
Hello Judge Frank, we finally meet again! Please introduce yourself and share with the world the wonderful work you're doing.

I serve as a judicial representative on the Wayne County School Justice Partnership Team working to address school issues such as school suspension, expulsions, truancy and general discipline. As part of this work I have done many presentations for school officials and students designed to disrupt the "school to prison pipeline" and develop a positive school climate. I established a referral program for Wayne County Juvenile Court to the Youth Deterrent Program, a program in which at-risk youth are counseled by life offenders regarding the consequences of criminal behavior. In addition I developed a pilot program for the instruction of Transcendental Meditation of Wayne County juveniles through a partnership of the David Lynch Foundation and the Wayne County Department of Family Services. 

I’m also the founding officer of the Michigan Chapter of Guitars Not Guns, a national non-profit organization dedicated to teaching guitar to at risk youths. Having founded Faith Alliance, it’s an effort in which families under the supervision of the court are supported by volunteers from the faith community including the Parenting Time Program in which families that have been separated receive extra family time together with the assistance of church volunteers.

I’ve served on the 3rd Circuit Court juvenile division subcommittee which developed guidelines for the court to begin hearing cases remotely via the Zoom program. On the bench, I’ve worked to keep my campaign promise to treat everyone in my courtroom the way that I would like to be treated. To date my cases have been appealed over 100 times and I’ve been affirmed in all cases but one with two remands for clarification.

You're also an author of a book titled "Identity Design". What was the inspiration behind the book? Did you acquire any new life insights while writing this book?

The book was a labor of love based on my longstanding interest in personal development. In court I have daily discussions with youth and parents about what we need to do to live in a powerful and generous way and the book is an outgrowth of these discussions and my own "work." I learned so much from writing the book nearly every page was a lesson in itself. Some highlights would be learning that our heart has a "brain" that our heart communicates with our brain and our body through 4 separate and distinct functions. Also the chapter on the "service identity" is filled with research that indicates just how good it is to do good for others. We are reinforcing our health and our happiness when we do well for others. It's added a new level of focus to my outreach efforts for our community. Also learning that happiness is a skill that any of us can choose to develop through practices such as gratitude and generosity.

What are the top two valuable writing tips you can share with new authors?

For nonfiction think about what you would like to write about sure, but beyond that, what do people need to learn, what about your experience or your knowledge can help others. What "problem can you help others solve? Second, what works for me is to imagine I'm having a conversation - that when I'm writing I'm really just talking to someone. If you can add some humor here and there, that's a real plus.

Different audiences recognize you for your distinct accomplishments as a Politician, a Judge, an Author, and a Musician. What other hidden talents do you host? If you had to role play another profession, what would it be and why?

I would be happy to do more coaching and training. I've done corporate presentations on leadership and identity and I've done mental toughness presentations for athletes and coaches and I'd welcome the opportunity to expand this work. 

Which role is more challenging in your opinion? Working as a Politician and/or a Judge? 

I don't really think of myself as much of a politician though I did have to win an election to serve as a judge. In that instance I didn't have to sell my "policies" to voters. I only had to focus on my experience, integrity and commitment to service. So for me working as a politician would probably be more difficult because frankly I like to get along with everyone, but I know there are people who would disagree with some of my policies and that's the nature of politics.

As a musician, what sources influence your taste in music and songwriting? Do you have a favorite song from your collection? 

I'm a big fan of British and European music and the music of the 60's and the early 80's. Acts like Bowie, Roxy Music and the Psychedelic Furs are all favorites as well as U2 and Coldplay. I also love some of the classic pop singers such as Tony Bennett, Anthony Newley, Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra. I studied classical voice for years and have a pretty wide appreciation for great singers. Here are the words to two favorites, the first from years ago and the second written this week. 


each moment when I think about 
things I was lost without
if I take time 
there’s a message in the shadows
of those words that I had heard 
when I was walking down the road 
they told me there must be an angel somewhere
calling out my name 

heaven’s a day
heaven’s a day now

sometimes I find I’m lost 
and then sometimes I find I’m looking for 
a place to hide my face 
when there’s a cloud above the door
they had warned me of the stories of
the darkness and the night 
so I have called my wooden soldiers 
to stay steady on the light

heaven’s a day
heaven’s a day now

in the aftermath of visions and rain
I had to walk a thousand miles in my shoes
and if I think of where I’ve been
and if I had to start again 
I’d say I’m ready and I’m 
here to pay my dues
I’m ready yeah I’m 
here to pay my dues

heaven’s a day 
heaven’s a day now 
it’s only a day now 
come on heaven 

believe in it all
come on heaven


I’ve chased the wind a thousand days or more
to breach the clouds unbreachable before
to fuel the tide of all my fondest dreams
to live alive beyond the world of things

to live alive to live alive
to la le la la la la live alive
to live alive on the inside 
to la le la la la la li li li li li li li li

I’ve launched my cause from the altars of borrowed time 
and burned the candles just to see them shine
shine hallelujah shine and understand 
to live alive inside to believe that you can

to live alive to live alive
to la le la la la la live alive
to live alive on the inside 
to la le la la la la li li li li li li li li

If you could dine with three other musicians, whom would you invite for this special occasion?

Bono, Bennett and Bowie and Richard Butler would be a pretty good group, I know that's four not three. It would be great to have Anthony Newly join us too, and Judy Garland, so maybe two dinner parties!

You are a great asset to the state of Michigan thanks for your years of service and community engagement. Are there any new initiatives that you're hosting?

The corona virus has thrown a wrench in slowing down a number of projects I'm involved in as with so much of what is going on in our country. Currently I'm working on developing instruction in Transcendental Meditation for our most dangerous and troubled youth and I want to continue to work on social justice issues. One of the gentlemen that I work with in our prison counseling program recently gave me a book titled THE MEANING OF LIFE and it's a real eye opener about the history and development of the practice of issuing life sentences without parole. We are far and away the worst country in the world when it comes to locking up our own people and keeping them locked up. I find it darkly ironic that we call ourselves "the land of the free."

What is the best piece of life advice you've received that you practice everyday?

To practice Gratitude - I had an elderly voice coach who lost her only son when he was 18 and she was my gratitude coach. She always always reminded me to be grateful. And I have so much to be grateful for. The trap we have in our modern day material culture is we are always being encouraged to compare ourselves to others especially those who have "more" material things and that's so pointless and demeaning and yet the push to do this seems to come from everywhere. 

Artists of all kinds are unpredictable. What is the most heartfelt compliment you've received? What is the most romantic thing someone has done for you? 

I really had to work to develop my voice so the times I've heard someone say what a great singer I am is deeply appreciated. I don't think anyone who heard my early work would consider me a natural but I really, really wanted to be a singer. One of my voice coaches told me I was the most dedicated student he ever had. THAT was appreciated! 

The most romantic thing? My wife agreed to marry me. THAT was amazing!

Please share with the world how members can contact and support your work. Thank you!

People can subscribe to my YouTube channels for Judge Frank Szymanski and Franklin Sane (my artist alias) and reach out to me on linked in and Facebook. I do welcome individuals to reach out and message me and connect.
Twitter @askjudgefrank
Facebook: Frank Szymanski or Franklin Sane
Upcoming blog and site (to be launched): franklinsane.com

July 24, 2020

Meet Kathy Gruver, Motivational Health Speaker

Credit: Kathy Gruver
Hi Kathy! It's been at least 3 years since we last crossed paths. What new endeavors are keeping you busy?
So much. I started increasing my hypnosis and coaching practice. My speaking engagements multiplied and I have the privilege of traveling around the world to deliver my talks on stress, mindfulness and communication. I’m studying more and more and just finishing up a phenomenal coaching program. On a personal note, I left a 20 year relationship, my father passed away and I’m in a great relationship now with a phenomenal man. 

One of your initiatives highlights the correlation between stress and communication. What are the common pitfalls of communication that yield more stress in life overall? 

Oh absolutely. It is so difficult to communicate well while in a stressful situation. There are several reasons for that. First off we tend to be in a reactive state rather than a responsive state when we’re stressed. Also, when we are stressed we are looking for danger in the environment and that means we are more sensitive to negative things. So we are going to be seeing things through the lens of negativity. That definitely can lead to misinterpretation, knee-jerk reactions, hurt feelings and judgments.

How have you become a better communicator while educating and sharing your insights with audiences? 

​For me personally, in teaching others to communicate well it has really forced me to look at my communication habits. I was always an interrupter. I was so sure I knew what the end of the sentence was I would just start talking over people. For the most part I stopped doing that. And I have mostly eliminated the word ‘but’ out of my vocabulary. ‘But’ and ‘should’ are two words that I recommend people eliminate.

I recall you sharing while growing up Mountain Dew was your 'go to' drink. :) As your health and wellness interests developed over time, your outlook shifted to improve oneself by learning about different modes of medical and holistic healing. How has your wellness journey evolved specifically over the past decade? 
LOL. Oh yes the Church of Mountain Dew. That was a thing. The more I learn and the more I expand my capacity for knowledge the more I have to really take a look at myself and question what I’m doing with my life. Whether it’s nutrition or healthy relationships or communication or meditation. Once you have knowledge of something it’s really hard to go back to those old ways.
And I wouldn’t want to.

You've penned at least seven books. Out of your book collection, which book was the most challenging to write and why? 
Well, the first was not easy because I have no clue what I was doing. Lol. But I guess I have to say Journey of Healing was in parts the most difficult. I told a lot of personal stories in it. There’s one chapter on how I was badly bullied as a kid and it was really hard to put on paper. Very few people knew that. I told the story of how I was walking home from school one day and was jumped by a girl. The only people that ever knew that were me and a few friends that were there and the girl and her friends. Having to write that brought up a lot of shame and humiliation. But once I got it out (and cried a little bit), I will admit I found it to be incredibly healing! I think writing is one of the most cathartic things we can do for ourselves. And I’ve had so many incredible compliments on that book and specifically that chapter. So I know it really has an effect on others.

Are there any writing tips you can share with new authors?
Absolutely. I actually coach other authors and have an entire talk I give on writing books. The first thing is just go for it. Put pen to paper or fingers on the computer keys, or dictation and just get it out. And don’t think about it as writing an entire book. That seems so incredibly overwhelming. Think about it as writing a few sentences that become a paragraph that become a chapter that becomes a book. Break it down into doable chunks of what you want to say. As far as publishing goes, everybody thinks they want a traditional publisher. And that’s great for some but isn’t usually unfit for most authors. Think about what you really want from writing that book. Why are you writing the book? If it’s going to be a vanity project or something that you sell at your office or give away to friends and clients, a traditional publisher is not going to be the route to go for you. There are many low cost if not free self-publishing options that will get you the results you want. Also know that traditional publishers are not easy to get. Many will only go through an agent, which also takes a while to obtain. You have to write proposals that can be up to 50 or 60 pages. And it’s not quick. Most books through publishers take 12 to 24 months to get on a shelf. 

You've designed a privileged life and career that takes you all over the world for speaking engagements. Is there a particular city or country you're wanting to visit?

All of them. Can I say all of them? I have been truly privileged that I’ve been to the top seven places that I’ve always wanted to visit. I would love to go to Istanbul. I would love to go somewhere in Asia, maybe Japan or Vietnam. I’ve never been anywhere in South America and would love to see Machu Picchu. I think that might be the only thing that’s really left on my bucket list.
​I want to see everything.

As an avid fan of hip hop dance, who are your favorite music artists that entertain your senses?
If you could be a musician, whom would you love to collaborate with? 

This is a really hard one for me. I am terrible at knowing musical artists. I just dance to whatever my teacher puts on and I love it. I do love Lil John. Which is sort of funny for a middle-aged white woman. I really like harder music. Driving beats and lots of swearing. LOL. Which is also contrary to being in the healing arts. But it’s just what I like. Growing up I was a huge fan of Van Halen and Queen. Always wanted to sing a duet with Eddie Van Halen. Now I’m really dating myself.

You also host Women's Transformational Retreats. Who are the ideal candidates that can benefit from this wonderful activity? What types of transformations take place at these various venues?

Thanks for mentioning those. Of course they are on hold because of everything that's going on in the world. But when they are back up and running they are phenomenal for anyone who's at a crossroads in their life, who wants to stretch themselves and experiencing things that they might not experience otherwise. We do dance class, trapeze, improv, things that are really scary for some but stretch you out of your comfort zone. It's really an adventure. Just like life.

What is the most daring thing that you've done in the past year? What did you learn from this experience? 
That’s really a tough one. I have been staring at that question for a while. I live my life in a daring way so nothing is really standing out. I decided to restructure my practice and cut back on massage to add in more coaching, hypnosis and speaking. Then that sort of fell apart with the pandemic. This might be a weird answer but I fell in love. And after getting out of a 20-year relationship that is pretty scary and daring. Didn’t think I would get back into a relationship so quickly, but less than a year after leaving my ex I happened to fall in love. I really had to trust and allow myself to be vulnerable to let that happen. That seemed pretty daring.

As a former actor, how can the universe ( or Hollywood ) entice you to play yourself on Netflix or the big screen?

I’d do in a heartbeat. LOL. I really do miss acting and have on numerous occasions considered moving back to Los Angeles and giving it a shot again. I was really damn good at it and think now with what I know about business and marketing and having a bigger confidence in myself. I think I would have a better chance at a career in it. Everyone tells me I look like a young Meryl Streep so perhaps we can play each other. LOL.

Please share with audiences how they can contact you and support your valuable projects. 

Oh sure, I’m all over social media. I run a really fun Facebook group called The Empowerment Project and I’m on LinkedIn and Instagram. My sites are www.KathyGruver.com & www.KathyGruver.coach for anyone interested in working with me one on one. I love to help, so please reach out. I know this is a difficult time for many and you don’t have to go through this alone!

July 23, 2020

Meet Jimmy Mack, Creator of My Liquid Fish ®

Credit: Jimmy Mack
Hi Jimmy Mack! Please introduce yourself and share with the world what you do.
I am a medical intuitive and spiritual life coach who has taken and mastered a variety of healing modalities. After a near death experience, I was shown a simpler way to create profound changes now known as “My Liquid Fish” Change made simple®

As a healer assisting clients worldwide, what have you learned about yourself in the process?

That a tremendous amount of our issues and challenges can be energetic and could be resolved as fast as they came upon us. Sometimes things are simpler than they seem and if you’re reading this you still have hope and can create changes in any issue or situation.

What is your guidance for those contemplating a live or remote healing session with you?

What steps can they take to ensure they have a productive session? Ideally, folks will need to be hydrated, know which way is due North and have written a topical list of issues that they would like to change or discuss. Spirit will do the best and you can actually FEEL the energy moving in, around and through you during a session.

Healing also requires an exchange of energies. It's important for the healer to be working with those vibrating from a place of love and light. How do you work with energies that aren't grounded or derived from a place of ambiguity?

Releasing negative energies is easier than most folks know. I am often amazed and who is or is not fully present in their bodies or who has “hitch hikers” that may be negative spirits around or in them. Often when these are released, clients return to a more joyful place and all report feeling lighter after a session,

You've integrated the concept of turning "switches" on and off in your work. Can you share more with the audiences?

Well I could write a book on switches, but basically it’s like turning a light switch off or on so for example if your bad luck switch is turned on, we would merely turn it off. It is related to Quantum switches so feel free to read up on that. It’s simple but DEEP!

If you weren't a light worker and healer, what occupation would you pursue to nurture the rest of your days?

I cannot imagine not doing this. My entire astrological chart is steeped in mysticism / healing / medical / intuitive areas! I suppose I would still have to be maybe a more traditional therapist and at least do that!

Your dear brother crossed over many years ago, what would he think of your life unfolding before him? Do you have a message for him?

I believe he thinks it’s cool and neither he nor my father who were very left brain/science guys would have ever dreamed I’d be doing this. He was a prankster trickster not mean, just funny April fools kind of guy. Panic at the disco has a song, “Hey look mom I made it” so that would be my message to him and my dad. My mom is well aware and is around daily in my presence for sure! I know they are all happier and free now.

You are an author educating audiences on self-care and wellness. While growing up, what genre of books did you enjoy reading? Are there any authors that you admire to this day?

Hemingway. All of them. For the adventure and depth.

If you could change two things about planet Earth, what would you change and why?

Well I’d go bold and ask for the end of poverty which could also take out most illness/disease and disorders. Also that we all got more serious about global warming and worked towards stabilizing our Earth.

Jimmy Mack, you seem to be an easy going guy! Is there a timeless joke that always gets you to laugh? Hmm...what is it?

The two psychics met in the middle of the road and one said to the other “you’re fine, how am I?” often we are great at reading for others and telling others exactly what to do but it’s harder to know for ourselves what is best for us. It’s ok to reach out to others for advice or counsel, it’s why we are here IE to help/contribute to one another.

Please share with us how people can get in touch with you. 

Visit www.jimmymackhealing.com. Sign up for our once a week e-newsletter and that will REALLY help them with affirmations, audio, video and more and it's all free. Thanks so much for you and your contribution as well.

July 20, 2020

Meet Lisa Ryan, Certified Speaking Professional

Credit: Lisa Ryan

Hi Lisa Ryan! We initially met when you were representing Grategy. How have your professional endeavors evolved over the course of a few years?
​​I am focusing my efforts on manufacturing and the skilled trade associations for my Grategy Programs. I am doing a lot more keynote speeches than I did before when I was more general and I've also been doing more consulting and coaching recently.

As an internationally renowned speaker, what are some lessons you've learned about mastering your craft before a live audience?

It's not about me and the information I want to convey, it's all about the audience and the information they need to hear and that they can use. By asking questions and getting audience feedback, participants have a lot more usable takeaways when they hear from their peers. It's a little scary to hand the microphone to an audience member, but I've found that trusting the process always works and the person who is sharing gives the perfect answer and helps to clarify my points. I can also use my expertise to expand on their strategies and share how these techniques have worked with other clients as well.

Your talks leave a powerful imprint within the minds of employees and senior leaders among organizations. If you had to choose only two values to discuss at all events until the end of time, what are those two values and why? 

Gratitude is the most important value that I bring to all of my programs. When participants learn the benefits of harnessing the power of gratitude, it impacts every area of their life. It changes their perspective to one that is more positive; it makes them feel better, mentally and physically; it improves their relationships, and it improves the workplace culture.  Having fun would be the second value. When employees enjoy what they do, they are more likely to stay at their job.

Who are the personalities that have shaped your outlook on life as well groomed your professional mindset for success?

Tony Robbins - from my first fire walk in 1989, which was powerful, to my second fire walk in 2009 which was life-changing, Tony has had a huge impact on my life. Napoleon Hill - his book, "Think and Grow Rich" is the most important piece of personal development literature I have. I read it every year, at least once.

As a speaker who also writes, what are some speaking tips that also translate well to the art of writing?

Be as conversational in your writing as you are in your speaking. When you write something, read it out loud to see how it flows and if it sounds like something you would say in a regular conversation. Stay away from "marketing speak" - use language that you use in real life, not what you find in a textbook.

A wise person once told me not to confuse a large audience for a good audience. How do you define a good audience when you're speaking with a purpose? 

A good audience is one with whom you have a real connection. You like the audience, and you care about them and the results they are going to achieve from your program. Although you'd think that a "good audience" is the one that has your full fee, that's not always the case. You want to find those audiences that bring out the best in you, are fun to be around, and that you have a built-in credibility that they can relate to you and your content as well.

Your work also addresses compromised work cultures that require proper nourishment to ensure holistic and economic growth. What guidance do you have for leaders who believe that employee engagement is a supplemental investment, not a critical asset, to an organization's well being?

My work starts with the foundation of gratitude strategies - or Grategies. When a person experiences the benefits of recognizing, thanking, and appreciating the people in their personal lives, they are more likely to bring that kinder, more grateful person to the workplace. A simple "thank you" goes a long way in building commitment and loyalty to an organization. The "thanks" does have to be sincere and should be specific to get the best results.

What is the most useful constructive feedback you've received? How has this played a significant role in shaping your entrepreneurial journey?

Stop buying "hope." At the beginning of my speaking journey, I invested a lot of money in programs, processes, and coaches that I thought would be "IT." All I needed was this one more thing and I would be successful. When one of my coaches told me I was "buying hope," it resonated with me. I needed to stop buying so much stuff and start doing the work. Now, I still invest heavily in myself and my business, but I do it much more mindfully to get exactly what I need - and then I do the work.

Lisa, you definitely work hard inspiring others to embrace positive change in their lives. How do you unwind after a long productive week? Are there any hidden talents that you host that may surprise the audiences? 

I unwind by spending time with my husband and our cats. We put a small inflatable pool in our backyard this year, and we've been spending quite a bit of time enjoying that. We also have a "TV on stick" that we roll out into the backyard and watch movies at night. My hidden talent is probably the artwork I created while I was in the welding industry. I have a 4' high praying mantis made out of rebar, brass, steel and copper as well as a grasshopper that was made out of an anchor in my backyard.

You are the graceful voice of spreading the message of gratitude. What are a few things that you're grateful for at this juncture of your life and career?

I am grateful for my husband of 24 years, Scott. I am grateful for our home and our family. I still have both of my parents, and I feel blessed by that every day. I really love my life and if it was over tomorrow, I can honestly say I'd have no regrets.

Please share with audiences how they can connect with you. 

Be safe, stay strong, be well.
Lisa Ryan, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)
Chief Appreciation Strategist, Grategy
Lisa's "Manufacturing Engagement" clip: https://vimeo.com/391565455

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