July 28, 2020

Meet Lady Kathryn, Life Coach & Spiritual Counselor

Credit: Lady Kathryn
Hello Lady Kathryn! Please introduce yourself and share your occupation.
I am a Psychic Healer, Life Coach, Akashic Records Reader.

You're recognized as a world renowned life coach and spiritual counselor. How did you come to learn of your higher calling?
In a nutshell, living life, being born different in being able to see the other side. Life experience has been my greatest teacher.

What is the most rewarding part of your occupation? 
The most rewarding part is seeing the transformation of clients, who are able to put in the work to bring transformation to their lives and learn the lesson of Self Love. The most challenging is teaching others to not give his or her power away and to take control of their own lives, along with teaching them to love themselves. 

What is the most misunderstood thing about yourself? And of your occupation?

The most misunderstood thing about me is “My self love” is not selfish. I find that many assume that because of who I am, I am not allowed to have boundaries, times of sleep, times of rest or even alone time. In terms of occupation, all predictions are based on a client’s decision. I am not responsible for the free will of my clients. A lot of clients when they first start working with me, cannot see that every single decision made in his or her life creates his or her own future. 

You also happen to be an author of articles and books. What inspired you to write about twin flames? 

I am an old soul. Before learning to read the Akashic Records, I had 3 karmic soulmates and with each one, I truly believed they were twin flames. It was not until I learned to read the records, did I understand that in a psychic reading, we cannot see twin flame cords. We see soulmate cords and all karmics feel identical to the Twin. Upon reading the records, I was able to see and hear twins from the high beings and understand the vast differences. There is so much misinformation on the net and many false twins out there. I would not suggest asking a psychic if this is a twin. Go straight to the Akashic Records for that answer. I now work with karmic soulmates and twin flames. The classes that I teach along with the work in the records are literally transformative to my clients and to myself. 

When you're in need of life guidance, what steps do you take to seek direction? 

Today, as my spiritual tools, I will ask God for help, seek answers in the Akashic Records, take all advice from the high beings, spirits & angels that are there to provide ALL answers and insight. I live the Akashic Records truth. 

Not seeking the answers in the Akashic Records, is like walking through a dark room at night without turning on the light and then fussing at the furniture because I walked into it. 

How has working as a counselor serving strangers made you a better partner to your beloved? A better parent to your children? 

I have worked in several “areas as a therapist” and have seen and heard so many lost souls tell their stories and literally change their lives. I am not sure how working as a therapist made me a better partner/parent but I do know this, it has made me grateful. 

Working with others, opened my eyes to “my yet’s” this has not happened to me yet. I understand that each of us is capable of facing so many issues based on today’s decisions and with that said “I try daily to choose to do the next right thing”. In choosing patience and tolerance over impatience or anger, I find that my children and my beloved respond to positive actions in a loving way. 

What is the best and worst advice you've received on running a successful business practice?

The best advice is to set boundaries, get 8 hours of sleep, eat 3 meals a day so that I can be there and be present for 8 hours a day for clients. The worst? The absolute worst was to give all of me to my business and leave no time for self, family, fun. 

As an honest and compassionate counselor, how would you define tough love? Who's exercised tough love with you?

Tough love is speaking your truth in love and compassion, without any judgments of self or others. There was a time in my life where I was attracting people who were not nice and this was because I had a low opinion of me. I was actually inviting others to dismiss me. Today, I attract people who are full of self love and that means tough love. They speak truth to me with compassion and love. 

You've provided services at top venues including Disney World in the United States. Are there any global landmarks from where you'd love to do a live show?

It has been a few years since I worked at Disney. I presently teach psychic development and Akashic Records, on zoom with great success. I would absolutely love to have face to face clients again or even teach a seminar live. In terms of where? I am open to Spirit and what Spirit has to say about it. 

Please share how interested members can contact you and support your work. 

Website : https://loveandlightwins.com
I can be contacted at ladykathryn@(domain).

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