September 22, 2020

Meet Dario Lake, Writer and Actor

Credit: Actor, Writer & Director Dario Lake

Dario, Welcome. I understand you're an accomplished artist with a portfolio of work that encompasses acting, editing and directorial projects. From your list of acting roles, is there a role that you've played which truly resonates with your personality and values? How do you go about choosing your roles?

No I haven't as yet but that's going to change in the near future. I choose my roles by making sure they express my values and overall focus I want to portray as an actor.

What is the inspiration for pursuing an artistic craft that always keeps individuals on their toes? Are there any aspects of self-development that helped you nurture your professional skill sets while remaining relevant with the times? 

Always pushing yourself to go far and beyond in areas where others typically don't. Self development never stops. It's an ongoing lifestyle. If you decide one day that you fully made it and don't need to learn anymore, that's when you won't be relevant anymore. 

What is the best piece of professional guidance you've received that has contributed greatly to your emotional, mental, physical and material growth? 

Being confident in believing in myself and my thoughts. It's not about being perfect but becoming the best version of me.

In your opinion, what is the biggest misconception about working in the entertainment industry? What advice do you have for new talents wanting to contribute their work in a market space that is saturated with common themes, common looks and sometimes common mindset? From a director's perspective, how do you define an original talent? 

For me I feel the biggest misconception is thinking it's all glamorous. People tend to only see the final end result and not the entire process. My advice would be stay true to yourself, your talent and who you are as a creative. Everyone is some aspect of uniqueness about them it's just a matter of fully tapping into it. 

Having directed Delusional (a horror movie), how are you able to effectively communicate your vision to actors bringing a story to life? Are there any genres that are easier to direct than others?

Being a visual story teller my thoughts and ideas come so easily to express to actors my vision. I feel if you understand how to produce drama, you have the ability to effectively do any genre.

Credit: Addiction

You've also worked as a sound editor for the movie Addiction. What are the responsibilities of a sound editor? How can individuals interested in such roles, seek out opportunities in the local markets? Are there any prerequisite skills, or characteristics, that can enhance one's ability to succeed in such role?

A sound editor is someone who's responsible and prepares the audio enchantment of a visual story. Anyone interested in a such role has to have a creative mind to hear elements and layers of sound. It's all about practice, practice, and more practice. 

Dario, when writing scripts, do you adhere to any rituals that help you focus while feeding your imagination? How do you know you're satisfied with the final script that you've authored? What do you do when there's writer's block? 

No I don't adhere to any rituals I put my mind in the best possible position to flow without having any distractions. I know I'm satisfied when I can see the written story play out as a visual edited flowing story. 

If you had to choose - Are you a writer that acts, or an actor that writes? 

Definitely a writer that acts.

Thus far what is the greatest achievement within your professional career? Are there certain personalities that you'd love to act and/or direct in the future?

Having one of the biggest media outlets buy something I produced. Also from working with and being able to learn from the best professional and influential people in the industry. 

Credit: You're the Worst

What insights about comedy and drama did you acquire when working on the TV series You're the Worst? 

I've learned that there are many layers of comedy and drama. It all depends on how far you want to push the envelope. 

As a producer and director, what are the tell tale signs that a project will be a success, or whether it will demand more cooperation than anticipated? How do you offset your risks when you suspect the project will demand more of you than you're willing to take on?

There's a certain energy that flows when your heart is truly into something. You could feel it vibrating, it's alive so that I know. I offset my risks by making sure everyone involved is on the same page and giving it their all like myself. 

Acting is an escape itself from reality. What do you do for fun when you're not working? How do you escape from the daily stressors and unpredictability of the world?

When I'm not working I like to work out, do some self development, research and learn to improve myself. 

Please share how audiences can learn more about your work.

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