November 10, 2020

Christina Powers American Goddess


Credit: Christina Powers

Meet Author & Entrepreneur James Aiello making an appearance to introduce his new novel, “Christina Powers American Goddess” and his ultimate dream is to one day see Christina Powers on the big screen! James was was born in Middletown, New York. His early years were spent growing up in the beautiful Hudson Valley area of the great State of New York, where he enjoyed lazy days on the Hudson River, climbing the Catskill Mountains, and jet skiing across Lake George. Later life took him to Florida which he loves even more. In June, 2014 James formed his own publishing company, James Aiello Productions, with “Forbidden Child” as its flagship novel. James and his modern day literary masterpiece has received award winning attention from the Hollywood California Book Festival, Southern California Book Festival, New England Book Festival, London England Book Festival and the Florida Book Festival. Now he celebrates the reception of his fourth fiction novel, Christina Powers American Goddess. (Credit:

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