January 02, 2021

Meet Elzie D. Flenard III, Master Storyteller

Credit: Elzie D. Flenard III
Elzie, Welcome! As THE MAYOR of Podcast Town, what events introduced you to the world of podcasting?

I started an internet radio station because I wanted to create a platform for people to learn business 24/7 365. As a part of my research for the station, I ran into a podcast and fell in love with the medium. I then shut down the station and focused on my podcast. 

Have you always been a personality open to entertaining and educating audiences throughout your life?

Pretty much. I have been a singer/songwriter since I was a little boy. Over the years I’ve added speaking and podcasting to my tool box. 

As an entrepreneur wearing several hats, what has life experience taught you about knowing when to delegate certain responsibilities and when to honor these obligations yourself? How do you trust the universe that your ideas will unfold in a smooth manner?

I’ve learned that time-blocking and mapping out tasks strategically helps tremendously when it comes to understanding what tasks can be delegated and which tasks I should perform myself. Writing procedures is important as well. Having something to hand someone that walks them through the process is a huge value add to the business. 

I have learned to concern myself with things I can control and not the things I can’t control. Everything happens for me not to me. 

You serve as a guide to many entrepreneurs wanting to communicate their unique message before audiences. What are the common misconceptions people host about the podcasting space? 

That it’s a quick fix and that it’s easy. It may be simple but it’s definitely not easy. Especially standing out and being strategic about how you podcast whether you’re guesting or hosting. 

What have you learned about the art of communication thus far? Are there any sources in your life that have refined your methods of communicating with the world?

I’ve learned that people tend to complicate something that is actually quite simple. Listen to understand, be authentically interested and be clear in your communication. Admire others but be true to who you are, your voice. 

Elzie, you're a storyteller yourself. What is the first story you recall listening to as a child and what impact did it have on you?

I’ve always appreciated the art of storytelling via music and I remember hearing “Brenda’s Got a Baby” by Tupac and being completely taken in by the story. The issues he covered are often not talked about. Empathy and care for our fellow human beings is critical for the success of the human family. 

If you had to leave the world with one story with a powerful message, what would it be?

You’re born, you live, you die. Live well! 

As a family man, what have you learned from Mr. Elzie Flenard I and Mr. Elzie Flenard II about family and living a wholesome life?

My Mom and Dad divorced when I was about 6 and we moved out of town so I didn’t grow up with either of the Elzie’s. I took pieces of people I admired and created the person I felt would make my children proud and do my best to be a better husband and father each day. I am also a man of faith so I draw from the principles of the Bible as a guide to living. 

Creativity is nurtured in unique ways. Are there any special rituals you entertain to welcome the flow of inspiration in your mind, heart and soul?

Prayer and reflection. Prayer connects me to God and keeps me centered. I’m a thinker. I love to take time to do nothing but think. 

Entrepreneurs grow alongside their businesses through different seasons. What lessons did Enterprise Now teach you about connecting with people and relationship management?

It taught me how to add value and connect people with no expectation of anything in return. Taking the farmer approach vs the hunter mentality has done well for me and my business and podcast. Even though the podcast has retired, people still listen and get value from the conversations.

What is the best entrepreneurial decision that you've made that keeps paying itself forward?

Networking and building relationships. 

What is one painful entrepreneurial lesson you learned early on in your career? How does that lesson play a role in how you work and live your life today?

Failure is a part of the journey. I used to allow failure to affect my confidence and my ability to try new ideas. Understanding the failure principle has allowed me to fail faster and learn from them in order to build success. 

What are the latest projects that you're working on?   

Podcast Town is my new company and brand. We are also launching a new podcast in 2021 as well I host a podcaster community that offers networking to podcasters. 

Please share with audiences how they can support your work.

Website: www.podcasttown.net
Podcast: Click here.
Community: www.podcasttown.net/community
LinkedIn: Click here.

Reference to Tupac's Brenda's Got a Baby

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