October 24, 2021

Robert Hollis, Author & Entrepreneur

Credit: Feeling Foresaken

Robert, the co-founder of My Relationship Experts, has set forth on a mission of helping singles find the right couple-hood, helping couples make the right decision, and helping marriages stay together. Although he has a background in IT, life experiences and heartbreaks have re-focused Robert to help others avoid and break free of that devastated-heart feeling. With certifications and degrees in Temperament Therapy and Christian Counseling, Robert brings much more than just an interest. He is passionate about relationships and has devoted his life to helping others in this area.  Robert lives a life of example, having met, pursued, and married his wife using the same approach he coaches his clients to follow. While many dating coaches 'experiment' to see what works, "everything we bring to you is tried and true", and Robert's heart is to help you Find True Love! Credit: My Relationship Experts.

Credit: My Relationship Experts

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