August 16, 2020

Meet Katia R.V. Reed, Author of The Foretold Story

Credit: Katia R.V. Reed
Katia, Welcome to Kreative Circle. You're an artist of all sorts including being the founder of Victory Seen USA studios. ​How did VSU come into existence? 

Victory Seen Studios came into existence when I was in high school. Originally it was supposed to be called VBrice but my Graphic Design Teacher wasn’t feeling it. After playing around with it she said, “How about VSeeN?” which later became Victory SeeN USA. It is the place I call home to all my art and creations. 

The virtual studio welcomes visitors to explore writing, music, fashion and art of all sorts. When and how did writing become a main anchor of your work? When did fashion design enter the picture along your career path? 

​Writing has always been part of my life since I was a kid. I would keep a diary and write about my days. I would write about the dreams I dreamed, adventures and life’s usual yet unique encounters among many things I experienced. My first piece of work, which was a poem, part of a collective work of my 4th grade class, was published with the help of my 4th grade teacher. I continued writing from there more poetry and stories. Writing also became the anchor in developing my series throughout the years in bringing my creations and characters to life. As for fashion design, it was always part of my life too. Drawing my characters in fashions of my own was something I did. Of course, as I grew, the more I studied the art and production behind fashion design and pursued it on my own through fashion internships while in college for art and animation.

"The Foretold Story" is the debuting novel of a four-part book series that took 19 years to create from inception to launch. Is there a reason why this project remained in the incubation stage longer than other typical multi genre sci-fi fantasy novels? ​How have your writing abilities evolved over this extended time period? 

The project remained in incubation for so long because I was building the whole entire world for it, conceived at the age of 9 years old. Over the years, I have been working on it doing all the art, animation, character designs and story along with the filming of live-action demos. And of course, as I grew, the story and the art matured. During the time, I was also juggling life, mishaps, and other creations of mine such as PB The Angry Paper Bag. I also designed and completed the vision board of the much larger story tied to this book series that is currently in the form of a concept vision board website and the first full-length motion picture movie script in the series titled “Gordon’s Quest” which is completed. As for my writing, I would say my writing evolved in capturing vivid details and the many elements of life as well as strong character development. 

The character names and personalities appear diligently crafted and presented in "The Foretold Story". Which character did you find most challenging to name and why? Are any of the characters inspired from real life personas in your life? 

​The character I found the most difficult to name would be Midas, the main character of the story. I wanted his name to be as powerful as his father, Titan. A few months past, I went through numerous names from all different cultures with no success in finding a suitable one. And then I thought back on my high school English class when we studied in-depth Greek mythology. As I pondered, I liked the story of the King Midas with the golden touch. And strangely with the theme of the story, the name was a good fit. I then attempted to find the perfect middle and last name which failed. Then finally, a mentor of mine suggested Midas’s last name be Aurelin because AU stands for gold. So, I ended up naming Midas, “Midas Aurelin” and adjusted the spelling of Aurelin to Aurulien to make it more unique. I also eventually gave up on the middle name hunt but then in the story, Aurulien slowly transitions into becoming Midas’s middle name which was not planned but just happened and works out great maintaining the flow with his new last name which you will discover later in the book. As for the inspirations behind each character, as all artists do, I was inspired by some of the people I met along the way in my life’s journey and experiences while others are from dreams. 

Do you have any custom writing rituals you enjoy when sitting down to write? Where do you seek inspiration from when you encounter writer's block? 

​Yes, I have a nice cup of hot tea with ginger slices or a chai tea latte. I also pray before I start to work. I have Ivan Torrent music playing softly in the background. I have some of my favorite pieces of sea glass and a small jar of blue topaz that my nephew gave me. I then like to wear my Star Wars 1980’s tee-shirt and have my Legend of Zelda art book in hand. If it is nighttime, I like to light my crackling vanilla scented candle that a dear friend gave to me. I always enjoy writing by candlelight. I also have my creation “PB The Angry Paper Bag” pin on my desk where I can see it. Once my station is surrounded by my art and things I like, I am then ready to begin the writing and creating process. When I have writer's block, there are a couple of things I do. Sometimes I go for a walk in nature and let the nature around me inspire me. I also stay in prayer. The other thing I do is go into my big box of ideas that I wrote down throughout my life to bypass writers block especially when it's time sensitive. Sometimes I will stop working on the writing as a whole and go work on another project or even talk to some close friends about possible ideas. 

"The Foretold Story" takes place in New York City. Is there a reason why this city resonates with you as an author? If this story were to take place in another major U.S. city, would the premise of the story be different? Would the roles (not the personalities) of the characters differ than the original? 

New York City is my home. And some of my adventures took place there. If this story took place in another city, it wouldn’t be the same because the experiences didn’t happen there and as a result would be different.

If music was being orchestrated to support "The Foretold Story" in a motion picture, what genre of music would you incorporate in the film? Are there any musicians you'd invite to collaborate with La Musique Studio? 

If I had the opportunity, I would work with Hear My Declaration Band, Ivan Torrent, Seal, Parov Stelar, and John Williams along with a bunch of unknown musicians from all musical genres to come together to create this motion picture soundtrack for The Foretold Story movies. If Michael Jackson, Prince, and George Michael were still alive, I would want them all to be part of this. I would also have a few top-secret cameo band surprises and alliances. At that point, people would not only be coming to see the movie, but they would most certainly be coming for the music. 

Katia, what do you do for fun when you're not writing, designing or mixing beats? Art is a way of life. Is there any escaping it even in the leisure? 

For fun I like to play video games, read comic books and manga. Go to the movies. Study astrophysics. Go to Comic Con. I like adventures on the ocean, beach, and in nature. I like going to see operas, theater and ballets. I love having afternoon tea with friends. I like going to art museums and planetariums. Can I escape art even then? Nope. It’s in my DNA. No matter what, I am constantly analyzing and studying everything. Even the street corner. My mind followed by my hands are constantly creating which is why I always have a notebook or sketchbook with me. I am always getting inspired and getting new ideas. It never ends. 

Your novel hosts a very captivating book cover. What tips can you offer writers for choosing the right book cover to reflect their writing efforts? Your guidance can assist writers who produce their own book covers as well those who purchase covers from third parties.

First, I would like to thank you for your compliment on my book cover. The tips I would offer is first and foremost, have fun doing your book cover. At the same time, you have to take it seriously and find a balance because your book cover is the first thing the eyes see. It’s your sales pitch. Its business. Do a few different covers. Play around with composition and color schemes. Don’t rush it but do it. Allow it to flow. Ask yourself what your story is in one sentence. Work off that answer. Sum it all up in a book cover. This is what I did as I designed my own book cover for The Foretold Story book. 

As an entrepreneur managing a studio, what are some projects that you're most proud of? Are there any new projects being launched in the coming months?

Some of the projects I am most proud of is my novel, Gordon’s Quest Movie 1 Full Motion Picture Screenplay, PB The Angry Paper Bag, and My Box18 music. A few of many. There are some new projects and finishes coming soon. One being The Foretold Story Book 1: Part 2 due around Christmas of this year. Others are top secret and will be unveiled in time. 
Credit: Katia R.V. Reed

Please share with audiences where they can support your work.

The official website for The Foretold Story Book Series is There on the website you will find social media and more information about the book including the purchase links. Please like, share and if you read the book, please leave an honest review. I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Also, my artist website is and the Gordon’s Quest concept and vision board website is If you wish to contact me, you can do so through any of the websites.

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