March 26, 2021

Julie Coraccio Explores Your Clutter

Credit: Julie Coraccio

Julie Coraccio is an award-winning professional life organizer, author, and certified life coach. Since 2009 she has supported thousands of people in clearing their clutter. She hosts the popular self-help podcast, Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out. She is the author of multiple books that assist individuals in developing better relationships with themselves and their personal space. 

A native West Virginian, she is passionate about supporting people in clearing clutter in all areas of their lives, end of life planning, and learning how to be more mindful and aware so they can create the life they choose, deserve and desire. Julie is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College. She enjoys hiking, cooking and baking, alternative medicine and healing, supporting environmental and animal causes, and enjoying her woman cave--a bubble bath. (Credit: Julie Coraccio)

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  1. Thanks for a great interview, Sasha! I appreciate all you're doing to give inspirational people a platform to share their gifts!


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