December 16, 2021

CEO Denise Reddy Discusses Sustainable Fashion

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Denise Reddy visits Moving Mountains with Sasha this month.

Credit: Denise Reddy

Meet Denise Reddy, the Founder and CEO of the Harebell Group, she believes good deeds can change the course of the world, and that by creating opportunities for others to join her in her mission, we can form a wave of positive change. This kreative visionary is on a mission to introduce the world to a new generation of fashion brands that bring healing to people and to the environment. Harebell is a certified B Corporation sustainable company, born from her desire to find clothes that are good for the soul, for the world, and for others. Its roots are Latin American and the e-shop offers an exquisite selection of beautiful products made with raw materials that preserve their heritage and take care of the planet. Harebell welcomes all those who share its values. It's an entity to be explored if you appreciate slow fashion, inclusive collections and sustainable styles. Harebell hopes you will enjoy and support these beautiful creations by beautiful people. Denise visits Moving Mountains to educate audiences on sustainable fashion and living. (Credit: Harebell Shop

Denise shares her unique insights on the fashion industry and the rise of sustainable fashion.

Audience members are welcome to explore the following literary sources, as discovered by Sasha, which provide a general overview on sustainable fashion:

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